ANSI Cut Level 5 Palm Dipped Impact Glove

Company introduces the FlexTech™ I2459, an ANSI Cut Level 5 palm dipped impact glove.

Wells Lamont Industrial, a worldwide leader and US manufacturer of hand and arm protection, introduces the FlexTech™ I2459, an ANSI Cut Level 5 palm dipped impact glove. Ideal for oil and gas, mining and heavy construction environments, the I2459 provides an extra level of protection to the back of the hand and fingers. The soft and flexible TPR pads protect hands from impacts and blows. Additionally, the sandy nitrile palm coating maintains a firm grip in wet and oily applications. Manufactured using a unique blend of high performance fibers and stainless steel, the I2459 delivers ANSI Cut Level 5 protection in a form-fitting, comfortable machine knit shell.

“The I2459 was made for tough environments where hand and finger injuries are most common,” says Efi Vrshek, Product Manager, Wells Lamont Industrial. “The I2459 protects workers’ hands from cuts, bruises and fractures while providing outstanding comfort and dexterity.”

Made to withstand repeated wear, the I2459 stands up to the harsh conditions of oil & gas, mining and heavy construction.  Its hi-vis orange pads  promote greater hand visibility and also provide a higher level of impact protection compared to competitive styles.  I2459 is available in sizes S-XXL.

“Our commitment and focus to solely providing hand and arm protection enables us to create outstanding products that exceed industry demands,” says Vrshek. “The I2459 is a perfect example, it provides the highest level of cut and impact protection while maximizing comfort, dexterity and grip”  

Wells Lamont Industrial