New Sales Contract With U.S. Based Global Apparel Leader

Alexium International Group Limited (ASX: AJX) (OTCQX: AXXIY) - Highlights Alexium confirmed as performance solutions supplier for a global launch across more than five brands ...

Alexium International Group Limited (ASX: AJX) (OTCQX: AXXIY) -


Alexium confirmed as performance solutions supplier for a global launch across more than five brands Alexium and customer collaborating on solutions for more than a dozen fabric types and blends

Alexium International Group Limited ("Alexium," "the Company") (ASX: AJX) (OTCQX: AXXIY) today announced an agreement with one of the world's leading household apparel companies to augment the manufacturer's wicking and antimicrobial technology with Alexium's innovative Alexicool™ chemistry, an environmentally friendly, phase change material solution that gives fabrics a cool-to-the-touch feel.

The U.S.-based company has identified Alexium as a performance solutions supplier for more than five brands of inner wear and outer wear apparel over the next two years, and will be working with Alexium to qualify the use of Alexicool™ with various fabric types in two U. S. plants, followed by expansion to global production facilities.

"Our new client is a major international player in the apparel industry, and we were able to reach this agreement in just over three months after introducing our products to the company," said Vice President of Sales Michael Schwartz. "That's a strong sign that Alexium has moved from being on the edge of a trend to a recognized mainstream standard for innovative, environmentally friendly chemistries."

Alexium and the manufacturer are collaborating on Alexicool™ applications for more than a dozen fabric types and blends, with more application opportunities being presented each week, according to Schwartz.

"Given our extensive knowledge of our award winning chemistries, we are able to customize formulas for a range of different fabrics which meets a key criterion for many customers when dealing with innovative technologies," he added.

About Alexium Alexium International Group Limited (ASX: AJX, AX:AJX OTC QX: AXXIY) holds proprietary patent applications for novel technologies developed to provide flame retardancy for a wide range of materials. These environmentally friendly flame retardants have applications for a number of industries and can be customized. Further, Alexium has developed products for a range of other applications including phase-change materials, water repellents, antimicrobials, and combinations thereof. Alexium also holds patents for a process developed initially by the U.S. Department of Defense, which allows for the surface modification and attachment of nano-particles or multiple chemical functional groups to surfaces or substrates to provide functions such as fire retardancy, water proofing, oil proofing, and anti-microbial treatments. Applications under development include but are not limited to textiles, packaging, electronics, and building materials. Alexium's chemical treatments are currently marketed under the Alexiflam™, Alexiflam FR™, Alexiflam SYN™, Alexiflam NF™, Alexicool™, Alexiflam PB™, and Alexiflam AD™ brand names. For additional information about Alexium, please visit

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