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Voters; European Stocks Drop as Bank Shares Flip Lower after Stress Test;

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DAGEN MCDOWELL, FBN ANCHOR: Full week of the general election -- his fav now, Clinton heads to Omaha, Nebraska for an event with Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett.

Both she and Trump focusing on the economy as they kick off the first full week of the general election campaign.


HILLARY CLINTON (D), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Democrats standing up and speaking about what we can do together to make sure the economy works for everyone, not just those at the top.

Taking on the special interests that have benefited from a system that is rigged in their favor.

DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Now, all of a sudden after 30 years, she wants to renegotiate trade deals, all right? Her husband signed NAFTA, the worst trade deal in the history of the world.


MCDOWELL: Meantime, Donald Trump facing the fallout over comments about the parents of a fallen soldier. And Trump is tweeting about it, the latest ahead.

Your safety in the sky. Why American Airlines Pilots Union says that the company is putting you at risk to improve its bottom line.

Tesla in SolarCity making it official. The company is announcing a $2.6 billion all stock deal, SolarCity shares down 5 percent on the news.

So who benefits? We have one name for you. Turning to markets, Futures pointing to a higher open, 30-point gain on the Dow, good month for stocks here in the U.S.

Europe, stocks are lower at the moment. We have the Dax is kind of toddling back and forth between green and red.

In Asia, it was mostly green, a pair of manufacturing reports weighing on investors, they were mixed there and you see Shanghai down about 1 percent this Monday.

Getting around the airport in style. A new piece of luggage doing double duty, and will help you get to the gate just in time for your flight.

How long before the TSA cracks down on that? I'll ask that question to the creator. A bitter-sweet, Dave, meantime, for Harry Potter fans.

The new book soaring to the top of the sales chart, but it also marks the closing of a chapter for that beloved character.

And here with me all morning long, Fox Business Network's Cheryl Casone, Recon Capital Chief Investment Officer Kevin Kelly, and Democratic strategist Harlan Hill -- and this is where I avoid making a Harry Potter joke about you.



MCDOWELL: No, a little bit, come on --

CASONE: Complement --

HARLAN HILL: OK, I think --

CASONE: I mean, the ethical --

HILL: But you were younger, yes --

CASONE: Yes --


Oh, are you a Harry Potter fan?

HILL: I am, I am --


MCDOWELL: Who isn't?

CASONE: Big story coming up then.

MCDOWELL: I hear, who is going to raise their hands and say, I think Harry Potter stinks, anyway, right --


HILL: But it's all good.

MCDOWELL: I will give you first question to our guest coming up. To our top story this morning, the nominees hitting the campaign trail, Donald Trump stops in the battleground state of Ohio.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton said to appear in Omaha with the oracle of that city himself, Warren Buffett.

Joining us now is Trump presidential campaign national spokesperson Katrina Pierson. Katrina, how is the campaign taking another big name backing Clinton?

KATRINA PIERSON, NATIONAL SPOKESPERSON, DONALD TRUMP PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Well, good morning. You know, this is something that we expected. I mean, this is somebody who is liberal in nature -- so, look, we are moving forward.

This is going to be an amazing next 100 days simply because the contrast and the policies is going to be massive.

We are talking about foreign policy all throughout the weekend where Hillary Clinton doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Which is why the liberal media is constantly moving to diversionary tactics. Everyone has their own reasons for supporting Mrs. Clinton.

And I think we can look at the connections to the Clinton Foundation to find out why? Which is another reason Donald Trump is going to be talking about all of the money from the banks and Wall Street.

And the global corporate who have been backing Hillary Clinton all along. I really don't think there is an American out there that truly believes Hillary Clinton is going to rein in Wall Street and stop globalism.

HILL: Katrina, I'm a Democrat for Trump, but I have to say, I'm increasingly concerned because I don't know how you can combat what the liberal media is doing to portray Donald Trump as someone that is unstable.

And when I'm looking at the polling, I think that, that's increasingly very important to voters. And so, how you combat what the liberal media is doing and to more clearly, juxtapose Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

PIERSON: Well, thank you for your support and thank you for that question. Because that is one of the sole reasons why Mr. Trump does use Twitter to break through that media narrative.

And it's extremely important because to this day, his immigration policy with regards to banning Muslims from possible nations is still not reported as an immigration plan.

They use a blanket plan, so we have to continue to fight that --

HILL: But Katrina, aren't you already talking to --

PIERSON: So, I think the first debate is going to be truly telling.

HILL: Through Twitter, you're talking to people that already support Donald. And so, I'm looking, how do we reach people that are independent and moderates that are on the fence that may not already follow him?

I mean, this is what campaigns usually use pay media for.

MCDOWELL: Yes, he's talking about advertising.

HILL: Advertising, yes.

PIERSON: Well, that's coming, too --


PIERSON: That's coming, too, but you'll also know that every time Mr. Trump tweets, it makes it into the mainstream media.

So, that is a suggested tactic that Mr. Trump uses to get his point and his comments out there, and we are definitely going to be doing paid ads.

We've seen hundreds of millions of dollars of attack ads as the media trying to paint Mr. Trump as a racist and a sexist and unhinged which is right out of a DNC playbook that came out of Wikileaks and it has failed in the past.

Here is how we fight this. Donald Trump has been known for decades, and only just now we're hearing about his racist and sexist tendency.

He's going to be able to fight through that. But I also think the first debate is going to be very telling because Hillary Clinton won't have "Cnn" to defend her.

MCDOWELL: Katrina, Donald Trump is definitely going to debate because there were some -- there was -- he called out the commission of the debate commission over scheduling a couple of these debates against football games.

But in -- you know, it was kind of floating the idea indirectly, I just want to be clear, he is going to show up for these debates. Is he?

PIERSON: Oh, he's absolutely --


PIERSON: Going to debate, it will be up to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, both of the campaigns to determine the dates.

This is also something that the Clinton campaign used against Bernie Sanders to try and schedule the debates --

MCDOWELL: Right --

PIERSON: When the least amount of people possible will watch, and Donald Trump wants to prevent that. And so, he is going to push to change those times.

He absolutely wants to debate Hillary Clinton because that is going to be the only way we can create a clear contrast without the media filter.

MCDOWELL: Katrina, Donald -- but Donald Trump does -- turn out to be his own worst enemy according to some people.

And I want to draw -- I want to turn attention to the sharp criticism for how he responded to the parents of the fallen army captain Humayun Khan who was killed in the line of duty after the parents spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

The father Khizr Khan appeared on "Meet the Press" yesterday and implored Americans not to vote for Donald Trump. So, listen to this.


KHIZR KHAN, FATHER OF FALLEN U.S. ARMY CAPTAIN HUMAYUN KHAN: I implore those patriotic Americans that would probably vote for Donald Trump in November. I appeal to them not to vote for hatred, not to vote for fear mongering, vote for unity, vote for the goodness of this country.

Vote for liberty and freedom.


MCDOWELL: The Republican leadership then weighed in on the war of words. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell issued a statement saying in part, "Captain Khan was an American hero, and like all Americans, I'm grateful for the sacrifices that selfish young men like Captain Khan and their families have made in the war on terror.

All Americans should value the patriotic service of the patriots who volunteer to selflessly defend us in the armed services." And then House Speaker Paul Ryan said, "Captain Khan was one such brave example.

His sacrifice and that of Khizr and Ghazala Khan should always be honored, period." What is the next step in this campaign's response to kind of end the fury if you will?

PIERSON: Well, you know, I think the headline, Dagen, really should be Donald Trump doesn't respond like a robot politician, because that's exactly what's happening here.

This family went on the DNC political stage and attacked Mr. Trump personally, and he has every right to defend himself. That's what he does, that's what he's always done.

And in particular, we're talking about a situation that has nothing to do with Donald Trump. So, I'm sure you can understand the confusion received by Mr. Trump considering how Hillary Clinton had voted for the war that sent her son and then --

CASONE: But Katrina --


But Katrina, here is the concern, Katrina, that he's going to anger the base. He secured the base. We saw that at the RNC.

But when you go after the family of a fallen hero, that's your core supporter right now, Katrina.

PIERSON: Well, no, he didn't go after anyone. He responded to the criticisms that were given to him. He also said that the captain was honestly a hero.

And everyone agrees with that, with all those storied families. Unfortunately, they chose to attack him personally, and that's exactly what Mr. Trump did.

He just responded defending himself, he didn't attack anyone. He's asked questions that he respond.

MCDOWELL: It was the issue, Katrina, of him suggesting that the mother didn't speak because that was kind of her role as part of the Muslim religion.

And she since come out, even wrote an editorial in the "Washington Post". And also, when he countered with his own sacrifices.

When people in this country talk about the ultimate sacrifice, they're talking about sacrificing their lives for our freedom. And so, that's what people took issue with.

And the -- and --

PIERSON: Right --

MCDOWELL: Republicans are concerned that this didn't get -- this fire didn't get put out. That it seemed to go on and on for several days over the weekend.

PIERSON: Well, right, and that entire transcript was George Stephanopoulos, it's out there online now. And he was asked, did you make sacrifices?

And absolutely, Mr. Trump made sacrifice. He wasn't asked if he made the ultimate sacrifice for obvious reasons.

But when you do build a multi-billion dollar company and employ tens of thousands of people and create 500-plus corporate entities, there are sacrifices to be made.

And for Hillary Clinton to jump on this as some horrible thing to say that Mr. Trump made sacrifices, I mean, she's the one that's taken hundreds of millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, from Qatar.

From all of these countries who continue to target our soldiers while they're there. That is the concern here.

MCDOWELL: Katrina, it was great to see you as always -- in person --

PIERSON: Thank you, Dagen --

MCDOWELL: Next time --

PIERSON: Thank you --

MCDOWELL: I know you're on the campaign trail a lot, so Katrina, safe travels, thank you so much. Coming up, turbulence for American Airlines, a shocking allegation from pilots that could be putting you at risk.

Plus, moguls(ph) and wizards are like racing to get the newest Harry Potter book, but it may be the end of the line for the boy wizard, now, the man wizard.

We will explain next.



MCDOWELL: A police officer shot and injured in Illinois. Cheryl Casone has that story and other headlines. Cheryl.

CASONE: Dagen, we keep bringing you these police shooting stories. The Carbondale, Illinois, officer in serious condition this morning after being shot during a pursuit overnight.

Authorities say that the suspect fired several shots at officers from his vehicle, striking a police cruiser and one of the officers that was inside.

Now, the officer was transported to a hospital in St. Louis, police are now searching for that gunman. Well, American Airlines Pilots Union says the airline may be compromising safety for speed.

The president of the union says that American Airlines is reducing its safety margin by "manipulating flight plans for tactics that include faster speed."

According to the union official, the airline wants to avoid canceling flights, want crews push the limit, so, there are legally allowed work shifts.

The airline says the airline takes safety regulations seriously, but did not respond directly to the union leaders claims.

Well, it is official. Tesla Motors reaching a deal to buy SolarCity for $2.6 billion in stock. This deal is going to combine Elon Musk electric car and solar energy companies.

Musk is the CEO of course of Tesla and the chairman of SolarCity, and he proposed this idea back in June. He's also the largest shareholder in both companies.

Shares of Tesla slightly lower in the pre-market right there, as you can see, closing at 234.79. Take a look at SolarCity in the pre-market, that stock is moving slightly higher.

And finally this, Harlan, this is for you. Harry Potter is alive and thriving. A new Harry Potter play opened in London this weekend, and the new book is now on sale.

Huge story, it's been five years since the last Harry Potter movie, he's now back though. The play and the book, "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child", fans here in New York waited hours at bookstores.

For a midnight release, both the book and the play feature Harry Potter, he's grown up, he's a 37-year-old father of three guys. The review so far, they haven't even seen the play yet, excellent, and the buzz on the book as well.

But there's one little problem here, J.K. Rowling came out at the end and said no more Harry Potter books, and people around the world are crushed.

But the play is supposed to be incredible, it's sold out, you cannot get a ticket, it's about play in London.

MCDOWELL: I saw Daniel Radcliffe, he was starring on Broadway a few years ago with Rob Bartlett who is my dear friend and how to succeed in business without really trying.

And the scrum of people outside of that theater every single night was kind of frightening.

Like I got jammed against some of those metal police barricades and couldn't get -- I've never seen anything --

HILL: Wow --

MCDOWELL: Like it. So maybe it's not -- that's a Daniel Radcliffe phenomenon, maybe something different with --

CASONE: But he's Harry Potter --

MCDOWELL: Yes, with Harry Potter.

CASONE: Yes --

MCDOWELL: Yes, are you going to buy the book?

HILL: I'll buy the book, I think I should get a royalty though, I think there's similarity between the two of us --

MCDOWELL: Or get --

HILL: I'm the original.

MCDOWELL: Or get contact lenses.

HILL: That's -- no, this is part of my look now, I got to keep it.

KEVIN KELLY, CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER, RECON CAPITAL: I'm just -- really good knowing that people are waiting back to go --

MCDOWELL: I recall that --

CASONE: Yes --

KELLY: And get a book and read, and you know, put down their Pokemon Go and focus on -- you know, a real life.

CASONE: Actually, read a book.

KELLY: Yes, exactly --

MCDOWELL: I read every night --

KELLY: Sit down, read --

CASONE: Twenty five-year-old --

KELLY: Yes --

CASONE: They're going to read a book, this is --

KELLY: Yes --

MCDOWELL: I read every night.

CASONE: Yes --

MCDOWELL: I make through about a half a page before I'm like --



Out like a light. Coming up, the sky is the limit for the Green Bay Packers this season literally. The technology that the team is embracing they could redefine the Lambeau Leap.

Plus, take your liquids, put in a motor. The new carry-on bag that hopes to change the travel industry.



MCDOWELL: With opening ceremonies just four days away, there's still plenty of concern in Rio, one gymnast even taking an extra precaution against Zika when sleeping.

Fox News headlines 24/7 sports reporter Jared Max has more. Hey, Jared.

JARED MAX, SPORTS NEWS REPORTER, FOX NEWS: Hey, Dagen, if you were going to be competing in the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio, how would you prepare for the threat of contracting Zika virus through a mosquito bite?

Check out what the gymnast from China have done. Inside their rooms in the Olympic Village, they have installed safety nets over all of the gymnasts' beds.

Have you ever seen anything like this? It's the stuff Olympic dreams are made of, right? The Yale School of Public Health recently said that, of the half million people expected in Rio for the Olympics, only around 80 or fewer will contract Zika.

Which comes down to about one in every 6,250 people, protective netting over the beds.

United States men's basketball team all set to remind the rest of the world about dominance in one sport, and the players are feeling loose.

Check out this Instagram video shot by DeMar DeRozan of the U.S. Basketball team as the guys all sing on the plane, Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles".



MAX: Fun time, right? Everybody got into it except for the only man who will be playing basketball in the Olympics a fourth time Carmelo Anthony.

But Vanessa Carlton who saw the viral video understands, she tweeted at Carmelo, "I get it, though the boys did sound pretty good."

Chicago Cubs Manager Joe Maddon looked like a genius last night. His team fought back from 6-0 down against the Seattle Mariners 6-2 in the 7th, Maddon uses pitcher Travis Wood in left field making that great catch.

And then Travis would pitch the next inning, so then let's fast forward to the 12th inning, it's a 6-6 ball game. So, we see -- yes, he's a pitcher making that catch.

Jon Lester is a pitcher, and yet, that's him as a pinch hitter, the suicide squeezed bunt and the Cubs win, Cubs win! Cubs win! It's their year.

Six years ago, a student from Notre Dame was killed when a tower he was standing on to film football practice fell over. Six years later, we see changes in how football teams are recording their practices.

The Green Bay Packers have installed remote control cameras on top of long poles to replace the bright yellow hydraulic lifts where a camera operators have always had to work from to record practice.

Not only is this a thumbs up for safety, but the video perspective has now increased because the cameras are placed higher in the sky, and they have better angles to see practice.

So, technology wins on this one.

CASONE: Wow, I'm thinking --

MCDOWELL: Do you think teams follow up?

KELLY: Yes, absolutely --


KELLY: Yes, I think so because they're going to get custom angles, and then, you know, you have different coaches coaching different things like defensive line and then you've got receivers, so, they can really, actually start to, you know, customize and critique more.

I think it's going to take hold.

MAX: It's great, and we've seen accidents too, where aside from just that one in Notre Dame --

MCDOWELL: Who you got winning the Super Bowl this year?


MAX: Next week pre-season starts, you're already asking me --

MCDOWELL: No, but you've done analysis, I'm sure.

MAX: I think --

MCDOWELL: I'm not asking for betting purposes --


I'm like this --


I'm still balling here --

MAX: Have a shot. The Vikings have a shot to do something this year, that's all I'm excited about.

KELLY: Really?

MAX: I know, you're thinking -- what Minnesota?

KELLY: Yes --

MAX: Happens at the NFL.

MCDOWELL: Who do you think will be in --

KELLY: Over to me --

HILL: Yes --

MCDOWELL: Who do you think will be in the Super Bowl though? Vikings --

MAX: Well, I don't think Minnesota is really going to get there, and --


MAX: I think it's too early to say --


I'm a fan, I think --

MCDOWELL: Come on, throw it --

MAX: New England has always a legitimate shot --

MCDOWELL: Come on, throw it --

MAX: Carolina.

CASONE: Last year, I was betting on the Cowboys, who knew that Romo was going to be out with an injury, Dez Bryant out with an injury --

MAX: Could you --

CASONE: My entire life was destroyed, thank you, Dallas Cowboys for last season.

MAX: Can we go back --

CASONE: I'm not again --

MAX: To the safety net, and I've never seen something like this before in China, that -- in Rio, they're using the safety nets to cover the girls in the beds --

MCDOWELL: Well, that's -- if you go to anywhere that's tropical, they have a net over the bed that you sleep in?

MAX: You know what it reminds me of, I walked over the NHL stores right next to our studios here. You know that classic hockey game with the --


MAX: Bubble?

CASONE: Yes --

MAX: Doesn't it look like she's sleeping in a hockey -- when I first saw the shot yesterday, I was at home, that was my thought. It looks like a bubble, you know, where you turn the knobs.

MCDOWELL: Is it really sleeping at night that's a danger been out in the daytime?

HILL: That's what I wondered --

MCDOWELL: Or do these mosquitoes come out --

KELLY: Yes --

MCDOWELL: Do these mosquitoes come out at night or in the day time? I don't know --

HILL: Generally, you get bitten during the day time, right?

KELLY: Well, the Chinese take really great pride in their gymnastic team, so, I'm not surprised that they're really focused on these girls. Because I mean, year-after-year, I mean, they train these girls from young birth to now to --

MCDOWELL: I wonder what the viewership is going to be like at these Olympics. Because there're roughly -- there's one hour difference in the time zone, but it's roughly -- it should be broadcast on real time.

MAX: I think it's going to be huge, I think everybody is so curious --

MCDOWELL: The delay --

MAX: The intrigue level here. We hear about human waste where folks are going to be doing some swimming and parasailing and rowing and what not.

We have the concerns of Zika, you have what? All these security issues, they were supposed to hire 3,000 people, only 500 got hired. And now government workers and ex police are going to be filling in.

The narrative of this --

MCDOWELL: Those Paralympians were robbed, remember that?

MAX: Yes, and with the --


MAX: Bicycle, so --

MCDOWELL: Right --

MAX: What will be the narrative through the Olympics and when it's over, hopefully none of this --

KELLY: They'll put 50 athletes --


KELLY: On the field, then they'll play, right? I mean --

MAX: Yes --

KELLY: It's going to -- it just needs a start.

MCDOWELL: Yes, football, thank you.


I'm trying to keep it --

MAX: No, I know --

KELLY: Yes --

MCDOWELL: Shouts --

KELLY: All right --

MCDOWELL: So early in the morning.

MAX: I'll just wait until college football starts in September.

MCDOWELL: Crazy --

HILL: Yes --

MCDOWELL: Thank you, Jared, Jared Max for us. Coming up, the psychology behind your vote by political outsiders are resonating with voters like never before. Plus --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They're going to find the details until you admit to yourself who you really are.


MCDOWELL: Jason Bourne wins the weekend at the Box Office. The massive haul from the franchise's latest installment next.



MCDOWELL: Welcome back, I'm Dagen McDowell, Monday, August 1st, and your top stories at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton kicking off their first week at the general election campaign.

Trump heads to the Rust Belt where -- while Clinton gears up for an appearance with Berkshire Hathaway's CEO Warren Buffett. Both candidates vying for the votes of Bernie Sanders supporters.

And Sanders acknowledging that they're up for grabs.


SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (I), VERMONT: People take a hard look at the issues. Who is better for the middle class? Who is better for women? Who is better for the environment? Who is better for the LGBT community? I think more and more of those people will come on board at Secretary Clinton's campaign.

DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: We are going to get a lot of Bernie supporters I think. And Bernie made a big mistake. The mistake he made and this is the beauty of doing speeches like this because it was late in the night and I saw it and she was thanking Bernie and talking about Bernie and he is sitting there like glam did you notice that?


MCDOWELL: The latest from the campaign trail ahead. Plus roads turning into rivers, flash flooding leaving at least two people dead, more than 100 others rescued in Maryland. Details on the dramatic rescue of a woman who is trapped in her car and saved by a group of heroic men who formed a human chain to get her out.

Tornado Marcus (ph), we have futures pointing to a higher open here in the U.S. after games last month. Got the big job report coming up on Friday. That will be a market mover even in the days ahead.

And in Europe, stocks searching for direction this morning. We have losses across the board at the Mamou (ph) and the Jackson (ph) has been toggling between positive and negative territory all morning long so far.

In Asia, overnight markets mostly higher in mixed pair of manufacturing reports weighing on the market in Shanghai down almost 1%.

And one winning Powerball ticket. Find out if that ticket worth nearly a half a billion dollars was sold in your state. Stay tuned for that.

And getting around the airport in style, a new piece of luggage doing double duty. Yes, I just like watching the video.


MCDOWELL: And will help you get to the gate faster.

Listen, if you're in an airport like Atlanta, you're talking about a hike trying to get from one gate to another.