Johnson & Johnson this morning vows to appeal a multi-million-dollar legal ruling over its signature products.



legal ruling over its signature products.>

survivor. She says decades of talcum powder use made her sick.>

CHARLIE ROSE: Johnson & Johnson this morning vows to appeal a multi- million-dollar legal ruling over its signature products. A jury awarded fifty-five million dollars to an ovarian cancer survider-- survivor. She says decades of talcum powder use made her sick. Vinita Nair is here with the second talcum trial defeat this year for the company. Vinita, good morning.

VINITA NAIR (CBS News Correspondent): Good morning. Johnson & Johnson insists the product is safe but more than one thousand plaintiffs have accused the company of failing to warn that talc was linked to an increased risk for ovarian cancer. And yesterday, a jury in St. Louis agreed.

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TED MEADOWS: It is a huge public health concern.

VINITA NAIR: Ted Meadows represents Gloria Ristesund, who won the multi- million-dollar judgment Monday.

TED MEADOWS: The fifty-million-dollar award in punitives was intended to punish Johnson & Johnson for their conduct.

VINITA NAIR: Ristesund is sixty-two and says she used Johnson`s baby powder for decades. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011. Talc was found in her ovarian tissue after a hysterectomy. Her lawsuit claims that talcum powder in Johnson`s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower is carcinogenic and that the company has known about it, quote, "...based upon scientific knowledge dating back to the 1960s."

(Excerpt from Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder ad)

VINITA NAIR: The company began selling baby powder more than a hundred years ago.

(Excerpt from Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder ad)

TED MEADOWS: What we`re hoping is that Johnson and Johnson will finally do what they should have done decades ago and put a warning on the product.

VINITA NAIR: But Johnson & Johnson said scientific and regulatory reviews have determined that talc is safe for use in cosmetic products, and the labeling on Johnson`s Baby Powder is appropriate. In February a seventy- two-million-dollar judgment was awarded to the family of the late Jacqueline Fox, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013 after using Johnson`s talc products for decades. The company`s chief medical officer denies any link.

JOANNE WALDSTREICHER: We are confident in our position that there`s no causal association between talc and ovarian cancer.

DR. DANIEL CRAMER: There have been about twenty epidemiologic studies suggesting an association.

VINITA NAIR: Doctor Daniel Cramer of Brigham and Women`s Hospital in Boston was an expert for the plaintiff in both lawsuits back in 1982. He suggested the company needed a talc warning.

DR. DANIEL CRAMER: My advice has always been not to use talc on a regular basis in the genital area and I haven`t changed that opinion for thirty years.

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VINITA NAIR: Johnson & Johnson said the lawsuits amounted to women and families affected by ovarian cancer searching for answers. Johnson & Johnson has already filed an appeal in Jacqueline Fox`s case. Attorney Ted Meadows told CBS THIS MORNING, as a result, the company has not paid a dime of that seventy-two million dollars to the late woman`s family. But keep in mind, there are a lot of pending lawsuits, thousands.


VINITA NAIR: So we could be hearing a lot more about this case.

GAYLE KING: Yeah. This will take some time. Thank you very much, Vinita.

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