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Hyundai To Build Internet-Connected Ships

Accenture and Hyundai Heavy Industries plan to install a range of sensors in cargo ships.

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The world's largest shipbuilder is partnering with management consulting firm Accenture to build a fleet of Internet-connected "smart ships."

Accenture and South Korea-based Hyundai Heavy Industries plan to install a range of sensors in the company's cargo ships to track the vessels’ locations, nearby weather patterns and onboard equipment and cargo loads.

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The system would then provide real-time analytics to ship owners. Accenture officials said the service could provide alerts and warnings, along with opportunities for predictive maintenance and more efficient scheduling.

Accenture's Connected Platforms as a Service system would also implement user management and device management services to enable remote monitoring and maintenance of ships.

"Hyundai Heavy Industries’ willingness to create value for its customers through adopting elements of the Internet of Things is a great step on its digital transformation journey," said Accenture senior managing director Eric Schaeffer.

The companies said that Hyundai could also use the system to create additional services — and revenue streams — throughout shipping journeys and over the course of a vessel's entire life cycle.