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Voting Underway On International Management Standard

The standard establishes requirements provides a framework to make companies more efficient.

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Nations belonging to the International Organization for Standardization face a September deadline to approve the final draft of a new quality management standard.

The standard β€” labeled ISO 9001 β€” establishes requirements for companies' products and services and provides a framework to make companies more efficient.

The revision process generally takes place every three to five years; Nigel Croft, who chairs the ISO subcommittee on the standard, called the proposed changes "relatively minor."

"Other than a general β€˜tidying-up’ of the overall text, and greater consistency in the use of specific terms, there have been a number of small technical changes," Croft said. "For example, top management must now promote the use of risk-based thinking in addition to a process approach."

The group's 162 member nations will develop a position on the draft and submit a vote by Sept. 9. An earlier draft was approved by about 90 percent of members.

ISO issues more than 19,500 standards covering most aspects of technology and business.