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Motorola Delivers Hosted Switched Digital Video Solutions to Independent Video Service Providers

Solution provides easier path to deploy HDTV, VOD and 3D TV

Motorola Delivers Hosted Switched Digital Video Solutions to Independent Video Service Providers

Baltimore, MD July 26, 2010 The Mobile Devices and Home business of Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT) announced today that its industry-leading switched digital video (SDV) portfolio will now be available to independent video operators as a hosted solution operated from Motorolas Secure Operations Center in San Diego.   The hosted SDV solution will enable independent operators to achieve the same bandwidth efficiencies from SDV as their larger MSO counterparts who have onsite SDV operations.

Hosted SDV enables operators to make niche channel content available to their subscribers without committing dedicated bandwidth to those channels. It utilizes the same core components as a traditional SDV architecture to enable operators to effectively turn off seldom watched channels until demanded by a subscriber. When a request for a switched channel occurs, the SDV system enables the transmission of the channel via dedicated narrowcast QAMs and responds to the set-top box with the tuning details. This process occurs in a fraction of a second as a consumer changes channels, and  the subscriber viewing experience is not noticeably affected. However, bandwidth reclamation levels are substantial enough to facilitate the launch of advanced revenue generating services such as high-definition television (HDTV), video on demand (VOD), and future bandwidth consuming services such as 3D TV and interactiveTV applications. 

In todays competitive environment, independent video operators are looking for innovative ways to launch advanced services quickly and cost-effectively,  said Bob Wilson, vice president, video infrastructure solutions, Motorola Mobile Devices and Home. By moving our proven and highly efficient SDV solution into a hosted environment, we deliver the SDV capabilities that independent operators need in a manner that is better aligned with their operational model.

Independent video operators will realize additional benefits from the hosted solution through Motorolas extensive support services. Motorolas customer deployment teams apply rigorous methodology and proven best practices to all aspects of the solution implementation to ensure a smooth SDV deployment.

Motorola listens closely to our customers and the business problems they face, and this hosted SDV solution is a great example of how we can combine innovation with over 50 years of broadband expertise to creatively address those problems, Wilson added.

Visit us at the Independent Show in Booth #108 to learn more about the new hosted solution. Additional information about Motorolas SDV portfolio can be found online at 

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