Cheese Makers Recall Products Due To Metal

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Cheese maker Union Cheese Co. and two other cheese distributors said Wednesday they will voluntarily recall some of their cheese products in the wake of Meiji Dairies Corp.'s recall on Monday after finding metallic pieces in cheese ingredients imported from Germany.

Sharing the same German ingredients with Meiji Dairies, Union Cheese said it will withdraw some 380,000 cheese products from shops run by supermarket chains Seiyu GK, Seijo Ishii Co., and cheese provider Chesco Co.

Cheese maker Tokyo Dairy Co. and cheese seller Hoko Co. also said they will voluntarily recall their products for possible metal mixtures.

Union Cheese said there have been no reports of metal-tainted cheese products, but Meiji Dairies reported on Monday that metallic pieces of about 1 centimeter long and 1 millimeter wide were found in the imported raw materials and said it will recall around 230,000 cheese products.

No health damage has been reported so far, according to Meiji Dairies.