Photo of the Day: McDonald's Unveils a Brilliant New Take-Out Bag

There's nothing worse than reaching into your takeout bag after a hard day at work, only to find your French fries have spilled everywhere and your burger is smashed on the bottom. Fortunately, McDonald's Hungary has come up with a solution: The BagTray.

Allow me to set the scene: You've had a hectic day at work, so you decide to hit up your favorite fast-food chain's drive-thru on the way home. While it may not help you to forget the three-hour long staff meeting, there's nothing like a greasy cheeseburger, a side of heavy-salted French fries, and oh why not — you might as well throw in that hot fudge sundae you've been daydreaming about all day, too.

But as you head back up onto the highway and you reach into your bag, you find your fries have spilled all over and your burger is smashed somewhere near the bottom of the bag. Great! 

Fortunately, McDonald's Hungary, along with the help of an ad agency named DDB Budapest, has developed a solution: The BagTray.

This brilliant new takeout bag converts easily to a tray by pulling a strip of paper near the bottom of the bag. The removal of the strip allows the bag to detach from the tray, leaving only a reinforced cardboard tray in its place. 

The tray then acts as a plate, keeping food and beverage items in a secured spot — making eating-on-the-go a heck of a lot easier.

Check out this video by DDB Budapest to see how it works: