Rewarding Your Readership With Constant Improvement

Listed here are just a few of the new things we are doing to improve our daily content mix.

Dear Reader,

First, thanks for sparing some time in your busy day to visit our site or check out one of our daily newsletters. In respect to that dynamic, I’ll be brief in sharing some of the new things we’re doing to improve the daily content mix:

Original Content: We have re-positioned our efforts to offer more bylined articles and analysis from our editors and other key industry thought leaders.

New Faces: We have hired real-time digital reporters to offer additional unique content in a more timely manner.

Influencer Network: We continue to grow our roster of regular industry contributors in providing a more well-rounded collection of coverage and industry insight.

Research & Analysis: We’re investing more time and resources to develop in-depth research studies that will focus on your critical issues in providing more go-to sources of information.

Video: We’ll be enhancing our coverage of industry events and high-level topics with more original video content featuring our editors and other leaders from throughout the marketplace.

As is the case with any growing enterprise, we’ll continue to change and adapt in order to best meet your needs. If you have any thoughts on some of the things you’ve seen, or would like to see, please reach out directly via phone or email.

As always, thanks for the time and for reading,

Jeff Reinke


Editorial Director – Advantage Business Media

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Madison, WI 53713