The Top 5 'Must-Have' APM Technologies For Food Manufacturers: No. 5

This week, Food Manufacturing is counting down the top five "must-have" asset performance management technologies for food manufacturers. Today, we start with calibration functionality.

The following is the first installment in a five-part series counting down the top five "must-have" asset performance management technologies for food manufacturers, courtesy of Greg Goodwin of LNS Research. Today, we start with No.5:

Calibration functionality

Manufacturers in the food & beverage industry have many considerations around food safety in successfully getting products to market. FDA regulations are tightening and ISO 22000 standards are currently under revision, with the new version set to tighten the necessary control over food management systems. Canned food, meat and poultry, seafood, juice, and other products all require strict monitoring to ensure quality, safety, and sanitation, and the requirements for documented proof are increasing.

Companies that fail to tighten the accuracy and documentation of their food quality and safety management will face ever increasing production stoppages, product recalls, and costly fines that will inhibit competitiveness and badly tarnish brand reputations in the public eye.

That’s why many food manufacturers will find calibration functionality the latest Asset Performance Management (APM) software application they can’t live without. In order to meet the growing regulatory environment and public scrutiny that lies ahead, it will be critical that the instruments used for ensuring quality, safety, and sanitation of many food products be effectively calibrated, and with documented proof. Calibration management software eliminates time-consuming manual processes and costly human error. Early adopters are getting ahead of the tougher regulatory environment today, and experiencing the ROI to gain competitive advantage.

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Check back with Food Manufacturing on Tuesday to find out the No. 4 must-have asset performance management technology for food manufacturers.