'Mom Blog Tour' Debuts at the Summer Fancy Food Show

A team of 10 exceptional, enthusiastic Mom Bloggers visited seven exhibitors at the recent Summer Fancy Food Show in New York. So far they’ve generated more than 43,000,000 impressions, and that number will continue to grow.

Mom Blog Tour (#momblogtourff) was co-founded by Wendy’s Bloggers and Padilla/CRT, one of the largest employee-owned PR agency and ranks among the top 10 independent PR agencies in America.

The genesis of Mom Blog Tour was creating an efficient, cost-effective way to generate social visibility.

Mom Bloggers play a vital role in promoting products to millions of moms. Almost all multinational food brands work with Mom Bloggers, but many small and mid-sized food companies don’t have the resources to connect and maintain relationships with them.

Cento Fine Foods, KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates, John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Popcornopolis, Saffron Road Foods and Stonewall Kitchen signed as Tour sponsors.

“Working with Wendy’s Bloggers’ Mom Blog Tour at Fancy Food was an effective way to not only build online visibility and generate buzz during this very busy show, but also a great way to reach the larger social community,” said Kathryn Tayloe Pearson, Director of Marketing, Saffron Road Foods.

Mom Blog Tour offered each sponsor an immediate relationship with the Mom Bloggers. Prior to the Show, the Mom Bloggers familiarized themselves with the sponsors and posted more than 240 social shares about their products.

Sherryl Wilson, one of the Mom Blog Tour participants and owner of Simply Sherryl, was impressed at the attention the sponsors placed on Social Media. “As soon as one of us shared an image or shout out, the sponsors were all over it, retweeting and sharing it with their Facebook followers.”

During the Show, the Mom Bloggers had pre-arranged meetings with the sponsors. While they were at the booths talking to key executives, taking photos and videos, sampling products, and taking notes, they also posted more than 350 social shares.

Mom Blog Tour participant Lindsay Frank, owner of See Mom Click, appreciated that all the sponsors were excited to meet the Mom Bloggers. “They were prepared to tell us about the history of their company and answer all our questions,” she said. “Meeting the founders, CEOs, presidents and marketing managers made me feel invested in these brands. When you can put a face and a story to a product you buy off a shelf, it means more to bring it into your home and share it with your family.”

“The interest and excitement displayed by the visiting mom bloggers contributed extra energy to this great opportunity to showcase our products,” said Tim Macy, Vice President, John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks. “We are already experiencing the ripple effect on our website and digital properties as the Mom Bloggers share their impressions from the Tour with their followers.”