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Kudos to Food Manufacturers That Sweeten the Pot for Mom Bloggers

While Mom Bloggers love to review food and food-related products, they really appreciate food manufacturers and their representatives who make the experience extra special. Six Mom Bloggers tell about other niceties that lift their spirits when they review food and food-related products.

While Mom Bloggers love to review food and food-related products, they really appreciate food manufacturers and their representatives who make the experience extra special.

These days we’re all strapped for time, so merely shipping your products to a Mom Blogger may be an accomplishment. But taking a few minutes to call or send a personal note letting her know you value her efforts makes a lasting impression.

Six Mom Bloggers tell about other niceties that lift their spirits when they review food and food-related products.

Alaina Bullock, Bullock’s Buzz

Manufacturer: Good Cook

“There were many things that made working with Good Cook on multiple reviews and giveaways so enjoyable and awesome!

First of all, their products are fun, innovative and of great quality. They were involved from the start and did everything they could to help promote the blogger's posts.

They made their reviews and giveaways fun and challenging. For example, they asked us to review a specific product, but challenged us to come up with the most creative recipe that involved the use of that product.

Once the posts went live, they actively promoted them on their website and their social media pages. They included a recipe link-up with all involved bloggers to further increase reach. Communication between the company and the blogger is amazing, mainly because they have a special Facebook group set up for the bloggers they work with.

My Good Cook posts got tens of thousands of pageviews, entries and comments. I still use their products on a regular basis. I learned a lot from working with Good Cook, met some wonderful people (both bloggers and non-bloggers), and improved my creativity and cooking skills in the kitchen!

Sarah Muennix, Coupon Savvy Sarah

Manufacturer: Pirates Booty Mac & Cheese

“I really enjoyed working with Pirate's Booty on behalf of Wendy's Bloggers.

The campaign was a lot of a fun for me and my family because we got to participate in Pirate’s Booty pirate-themed promotion, including recording a cheesy pirate-themed joke and posting it daily on my social media.

We also were able to try Pirate's Booty new line of macaroni and cheese, which I found to be healthier for my family and tasted delicious! The products arrived in a fun pirate chest filled with a cool apron, foam swords and eye patches. My daughter had fun dressing like a pirate while we prepared our Pirate’s Booty Mac & Cheese, and for the taping of her cheesy joke.

My advice to food manufacturers is to give a shout out to Mom Bloggers by posting our reviews on your social sites.”

Maryam Zeibaq, Elitemama’s Blog

Manufacturer: Saffron Road

“It's an old review, but it's one that I still enjoy. I'd have to say it was the enthusiasm of Saffron Foods to work with me and the taste of the product, of course.

With my Middle Eastern roots I wanted to review some of Saffron’s frozen meals, so I contacted the company. I was impressed that I got a quick response from a Saffron executive who answered all my questions about their products. It made me feel that the company cared about its customers, so I was off to a good start.

I've been a foodie for as long as I can remember so when it comes to my food reviews, I give as much detail as I can. Saffron Foods was one of the first organic frozen meals that I had tried. I don't think I’d ever tried a frozen meal that tasted so real and delicious. Not saying it was fake or anything, it's just hard to believe that the flavors and the meal itself tasted home cooked. I grew up eating dishes similar to what Saffron Road makes and whenever I eat their food, it just makes me feel at home and that's what I love about Saffron Road!

Once I posted my review, Saffron Foods shared my post on their social sites. This meant that they valued my opinion and my work, and helped to increase online traffic to my site and to theirs. Not many companies do this, so I have to say Saffron Foods made a big difference.”

LaVonne Long, Long Wait For Isabella

Manufacturer: Morning Star Farms

“I was given the chance to write three recipe blog posts for Morning Star Foods, a company I love and whose products I regularly buy.

Working with Morning Star was great because we had a long-term partnership for which I was compensated. I appreciated the higher-than-usual pay because preparing recipes, writing and editing the blog posts and taking photos to accompany them, take lots of time.

I'd love to have more long-term working relationships (Ambassadorships) with brands that I love and use. Writing the content comes easier, and the authenticity and passion shine through for the products.”

Kim Seghers, This Ole Mom

Manufacturer: Chiquita International Brand

"It was an honor to work with Chiquita International Brand on multiple reviews and giveaways.

The Chiquita Healthy Snacking team had been so pleased with my participation in the ‘Fresh Express 30 Day Salad Swap’ post (Fresh Express is a Chiquita brand), that they asked me to work with them on the ‘Back-to-School with Chiquita Apple Bites Review and Giveaway.’

Working with Chiquita was a great experience. The Chiquita Apple Bites were shipped to me overnight in a refrigerated box. I had received all the details about the review and giveaway in an email before the product arrived on my door step.

I enjoyed using Chiquita's Apple Bites in fun recipes that my readers could easily make. I also included their helpful ‘Back to School Tips’ in my post.

The Chiquita Healthy Snacking team shared my review and giveaway on their social media sites and pinned my pin to their Pinterest board. It was a wonderful to know that Chiquita took notice of my work and appreciated what I was doing. I was proud to share information about the company with my readers, family, and friends.”

Athena Nagel, The Stuff of Success

Manufacturer: Newman’s Own Organics

“Newman's Own has a very dear place in my heart because I live near a Hole in the Wall Gang Camp that was founded by Paul Newman to ensure that kids with serious medical conditions can experience the fun of camp life. In my area - there is huge support for Newman's Own and Newman's Own Organic products.

Newman's Own Organics has great products with tremendous social awareness and partnerships. They were always willing to answer my questions in a timely and thorough manner, and provide valuable insight. They treat bloggers as true partners and are quick to send prizes to giveaway winners.

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