Does The World Still Need Biofuels? Virent Thinks So.

The plunge in oil prices has made many biofuel companies wring their hands. But Virent says it's just a matter of time before biofuels — like the ones they are producing — will again be a viable and needed part of the energy equation.

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This second installment of a three-part series takes you inside Virent, a biofuels and bio-chemicals company, to find out how they’re harnessing the potential of renewable feedstocks to make high-quality chemicals of the future.

It wasn’t that long ago when the conversation about oil and gas in America had a starkly different tone. “Energy independence” was a trumpeted goal from politicians as high prices and OPEC’s domination cast uncertainty and unease over the American gas market.

Which helped make the biofuels market really rev up.