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A New Breed Of Writer

There is an art and a science to developing Web content that makes your site show up first in the search engines, and new writers have mastered this art.

By Alan Nicol, Executive Member, AlanNicolSolutions, LLC

Not all Web site developers are created equal. There is an art and a science to developing Web content that makes your site show up first in the search engines, and a new breed of writers that has mastered this art is appearing. Find and engage one of these writers for your site and see the business that it creates.

The Rest of the Story

The difference between having a Web page for your business and presenting a professionally, expertly developed Web page for your business is similar to the difference between having a sign above your door and having a sales person magically appear in front of a customer who says, “I wish I knew where to find…”

I have harangued before about how the Web is not the shopping environment of the future, it is the shopping environment of today. If your Web presence isn’t superior to your competitors’ web presence, you are surely missing potential business.

Recently, I decided to take my own advice and I attended a workshop put on by a Web site development and social media marketing consulting firm. I thought I had a pretty good handle on the basics when I walked in the door. Then I was humbled.

As the attendees began talking and discussing our challenges and our questions, I discovered that most of the attendees knew better than I did on how to build their sites for search engines and presentation. For the most part, the attendees were either marketing professionals or Web site developers, or both, for small businesses. A couple of us were one-man-shows.

I thought that I was at least smart enough to have my Web presence on the right track, but I discovered that all these other small businesses were better at it . Don’t let that same arrogance affect your business.

In addition to learning how to leverage meta tags, Web page titles and summary statements, and what information about our businesses should be in those fields, we spent time discussing how to match the content of our Web pages to the most common search language our customers use and how to find out what that language is.

That last part, of course, was why most of us were at the workshop. Naturally, it’s easier said than done. If you fancy yourself a writer and master of written communications, then the challenge seems almost inviting. However, most business owners are not professional writers and wouldn’t care to be.

For that matter, many Web site developers are technical experts of HTML code and the art of constructing formats and lay-outs and custom functionality, but may not be masters of developing award winning content. They often leave that to the marketing personnel of the business.

So here is the gap. Not all Web site developers are content masters. Not all marketing professionals are masters of developing content specifically for Web search engines. So who fills the gap?

There is a new breed of writer emerging onto the scene. These writers do understand how to develop content specifically to get the attention of search engines and drive your Web site to the top of the search results. At the same time, these writers know how to make that content useful and presentable to your visiting clientele.

Whether yours is a large business with its own staff of Web site developers, or you are a do-it-yourselfer, there is a lot to be gained by consulting with an expert in the art and science of writing Web site content for search engine optimization. Swallow your pride, consult your budget, and get one working for you.

To find one of these writers near your business, or anywhere for that matter, try searching the Web using keywords such as “Search Engine Optimization,” “SEO,” or “SEO Services.” Make sure that the consultant you engage, or writer you hire for your staff, is indeed a writer, not just a technical HTML coder.

Imagine that you can have a polished, professional sales person appear before the eyes of a customer who decides they need something you offer. Your Web site is exactly that, if your content is optimized for the search engines and also speaks in a polished way to your potential customers. Engage writers who can do this for you and watch your business improve.

Stay wise, friends.