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DuPont Opens Korea Technology Center To Support Electronics, Automotive And Construction Markets &

First project will be materials science for flat panel displays

DuPont today announced the opening of the DuPont Korea Technology Center to support the research and development needs of fast-growing major industries in Asia, including electronics, automotive and construction.

The DuPont Center is located on the campus of the Korean Institute of Science & Technology (KIST) in Seoul, Korea.

The first area of focus for Center researchers will be basic research and applications development in the field of materials science for flat panel displays, with projects already in progress.

"These labs will, and have already, become a valuable extension of the groundbreaking science that DuPont performs at the Experimental Station in Wilmington, Del.," said DuPont Research Director Steven C. Freilich. "It will provide research activities and scientific services to the corporation in a way that better enables global collaboration. We are putting our science to work in the areas of new materials for flat panel displays, and plan to extend our research efforts to other areas that are critical to the future success of DuPont and our Korean customers."

The new laboratory will facilitate a close collaboration with DuPont customers, as well as industries, universities, and government in Korea.