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Power Players in Industry:Ratcliffe beats Bush, Schwarzenegger

Who has most shaped and influenced the chemical industry worldwide?

Who has most shaped and influenced the chemical industry worldwide? At the risk of provoking huge debate, ICIS has handpicked 40 power players in and around the industry and ranked them in terms of their influence on this multi-billion dollar industry. ICIS included top politicians and environmentalists, leading to the selection of President George W. Bush for the No. 8 spot. ICIS said his Middle East policies — especially on Iran — have led to sustained high oil prices this year and last. "Bush's stance against global warming also leads us to place him as influential in the environmental arena, albeit negatively," said the London-based ICIS Chemical Business and its New York-based sister, ICIS Chemical Business Americas.

Conversely, ICIS celebrated Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor of California for leading the change in the U.S. to cap greenhouse emissions and promote the use of alternative energy. Coming in at No. 22, he just topped 89-year-old entrepreneur Wang Yung-Ching, founder of the giant Formosa Plastics group, one of the world's biggest plastic makers.

But who tops the top 10? Leading the list at No. 1 is Jim Ratcliffe, group chairman of INEOS. He is considered by ICIS as the world's most influential person in chemicals this year after his mega-acquisition of BP's Innovene petrochemicals business for $9 billion at the end of 2005. Ratcliffe now controls one of the world's top five chemical players with sales of around $33 billion.

Other noteworthy selections were Mohamed Al-Mady, vice chairman and CEO of SABIC, who came in at No. 2, narrowly beating Wang Tianpu, 43-year-old president of Chinese giant Sinopec. Italian socialist MEP Guido Sacconi came in fourth for influencing European Commission policy on hazardous chemicals.
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