Wind Power Company Nordex Expands Production

German wind-power turbine maker 's $72 million investment to more than triple its Chinese production by 2011.

SHANGHAI, China (AP) — German wind power specialist Nordex AG said Thursday it plans to invest euro50 million (US$72 million) in China to more than triple its annual production capacity by 2011.
The wind-power turbine maker aims to increase its annual power generation capacity to 800 megawatts from the current 225 megawatts, Nordex said in a statement.
''Nordex China is to act as our bridgehead for our forays throughout all of Asia,'' said Thomas Richterich, the company's chief executive.
Nordex has installed more than 220 wind turbines in China since 1995. The company has joint ventures producing wind turbines in Xi'an, Shaanxi province and Yinchuan, Ningxia province, both in northwestern China.
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