Nuclear Energy: The Next Big Green Thing

A report by Industrial Info suggests that nuclear power is the answer for a greener future; Nuclear power demand expected to triple by 2050.

According to research by Industrial Info Resources, nuclear energy is the only installed and proven energy option that will keep up with the growing population while reducing greenhouse gases and the problems of global warming.

By 2050, the world will need three times the amount of nuclear produced energy than exists today, the research showed.

Safety is a key concern for nuclear power, but the report suggests that geological disposal of nuclear waste is safer and more efficient than reprocessing spent fuel. It adds that current technologies and processes result in a very low risk of adverse effects and construction and operations are closely monitored.

Currently, nuclear plants are not included with the government’s carbon-free emitting classification which provides tax subsidies that can lower the overall investment costs, making competition with natural gas and coal-fired plants difficult, the report said.

North America has approximately 100 nuclear sites and there are 400 worldwide. The U.S. in 2002 had 20 percent of it electricity from nuclear power. With that expected to triple by 2050, government officials will need to play a larger role in safety and monitoring of nuclear power both domestically and abroad, according to Industrial Info.

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