Blue-Chip Companies To Urge Tougher Fight Against Global Warming

DuPont, GE among those that will gather Monday.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Some major U.S. companies, including Alcoa Inc. and General Electric Co., will join environmentalists Monday in calling on the federal government to step up efforts to fight global warming.

Executives from nine companies and leaders of four environmental groups will present policy recommendations intended to help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, and speed the adoption of cleaner energy and climate-friendly technology. The burning of fossil fuels spews carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which along with other gases can trap the earth's heat much like a greenhouse.

The groups will hold an 11:30 a.m. press conference at the National Press Club Jan. 22.

Alain Belda, Alcoa's chairman and chief executive officer, Chad Holliday, chairman and CEO of DuPont Co. and Jeffrey Immelt, GE's chairman and CEO, will be among executives on hand.

Other top executives from PG&E Corp., Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., FPL Group, Caterpillar Inc., Duke Energy Corp. and PNM Resources Inc. will also be in attendance.

The environmental groups include the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, the Environmental Defense Fund and the World Resources Institute.

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