New Technology Makes Biofuel From Any Renewable Oil

Diversified Energy will produce “100 percent green” Biofuel from North Carolina State University's Centia process.

Diversified Energy Corp., an alternative and renewable energy company, announced Tuesday an exclusive licensing agreement with North Carolina State University for Centia, a “100 percent green” biofuels technology that produces high performance fuels from any renewable oil.

According to the company, Centia meets President Bush’s vision to reduce U.S. petroleum consumption by 20 percent and to increase the renewable fuels standard to 35 billion gallons per year by 2017.

When compared to other biofuel processes like biodiesel and ethanol, Centia is said to provide up to a 50 percent reduction in external energy required in the process and offers a “100 percent green” biofuel product containing no fossil fuel components.

Because Centia uses any renewable lipid-based oil compound (such as soybean, canola, animal fats, algae), it is not dependent on the price or availability of any one supply source.

Centia will initially being used to produce commercial and military jet fuel and a cold-weather biodiesel additive, both of which are challenging and complex hydrocarbon fuels and have received little attention by the biofuels industry.

North Carolina State University has been working on the development of Centia over the past ten years.

Diversified Energy, headquartered in Gilbert, Ariz., has been supporting the university in systems integration, scaleup, and the overall commercialization of the technology.

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