John Edwards, Commander-In-Chief ... Of The European Union?

Presidential candidate lays out aggressive plan to combat global warming "emergency."

NEVADA, Iowa (AP) - Labeling global warming an international emergency, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards called Tuesday for a cap on greenhouse gas pollution and stricter auto emissions standards.

The former North Carolina senator said his proposal to limit emissions could revitalize the economy and create up to a million jobs by creating a new energy economy.

''Energy not only cannot be a hindrance to the American economy, it can be the fuel for the American economy,'' Edwards said.

Edward traveled to a biomass energy conversion center to spell out his policies for dealing with global warming, saying the nation must act urgently.

''This is not a threat about the future. This is a crisis today,'' said Edwards, Democrats' 2004 presidential runningmate.

Edwards plan calls for:

-Capping greenhouse gas emissions beginning in 2010 and cutting them by 15 percent by 2020.

-Drafting a new global warming treaty that brings developing nations into the effort.

-Creating a $10 billion fund to develop new energy sources with the money coming from selling greenhouse pollution permits. He would also eliminate $3 billion in subsidies to oil companies.

-Setting a goal of freezing electricity demand in the next decade and calling for 25 percent of the nation's electricity to be from renewable energy sources.

''This is a very serious and aggressive effort to deal with climate change,'' said Edwards.

Edwards also said he supported increasing automotive fuel efficiency and called for raising fuel economy standards to 40 mpg.

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