Cummins Getting On Board With Renewable Fuel

Approves biodiesel B20 blends for use in products built after 2001.

Engine manufacturer Cummins announced Wednesday the approval of biodiesel B20 blends for use in its 2002 and later emissions-compliant ISX, ISM, ISL, ISC and ISB engines, including its recently released 2007 products.

Cummins said it was able to upgrade its previous position on the use of biodiesel fuel, which limited the use to B5 blends only, in part because the American Society of Testing Materials specification ASTM D6751 now includes an important stability specification for B100 biodiesel. The company also said the availability of quality fuels from BQ-9000 Certified Marketers and Accredited Producers is growing rapidly, and it has completed the necessary testing and evaluations to ensure customers can reliably operate their equipment using B20 fuel.

B20 fuel is a blend of 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent petroleum diesel, versus B5, which is 5 percent and 95 percent, respectively.

“We have completed exhaustive analysis and test evaluations which enable Cummins to provide the necessary guidance and information to our customers for the proper and successful use of this fuel in our engine,” said Edward Lyford-Pike, Chief Engineer – Advanced Alternative Fuel Programs. “This will enable our customers to have a choice that includes renewable fuel.”

The popularity and use of biodiesel fuel continues to climb. Recent studies predict that, by 2008, 1.2 billion gallons of B100 biodiesel will be produced in the United States.

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