Solar Powered Commute Possible With ZAP Truck Option

Company will offer a $12,000 solar panel option for its XEBRA XERO truck that will allow drivers to travel short distances on sunlight alone.

Electric car maker ZAP said Tuesday that it has designed a solar option for its XEBRA XERO truck design, enabling the vehicle to travel short distances on just sunlight.

ZAP, which stands for “Zero Air Pollution,” will showcase the truck at its dealer training on March 23.

“If the XEBRA XERO is exposed to sunlight during the day and your commute is short, you can get pure solar powered driving,” says ZAP Chairman Gary Starr. “If you want to ensure 100 percent solar generated commuting, you can purchase a larger system that can sit on your rooftop.”

The solar panel option will cost about $12,000. The truck is recharged by plugging it into a 110 volt outlet for six hours for a full charge or 1.5 hours for a 50 percent charge.

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