Diversified Ethanol Plans To Build Its First Ethanol Manufacturing Plant

Small-batch 24-hour ethanol manufacturing facility will have multiple production lines.

Diversified Ethanol, a division of James Monroe Capital Corp., announced Monday that it plans to build its first ethanol manufacturing plant.

The company’s first facility will be a small-batch, 24-hour ethanol manufacturing facility and will consist of multiple production lines that are to be built one at a time, allowing for expandability as needed.

Diversified’s CEO Taylor Moffitt commented, “There are numerous advantages to structuring our manufacturing facilities in this fashion. There is less risk, permitting is easier, energy service to the facility is simple, shutting down one line for service doesn’t shut down the entire plant, it is compatible with lower-cost locations, upgrading and growing the plant is simple and we can quickly begin producing ethanol with a minimum of capital outlay.”

“We have several locations identified,” Moffitt continued. “For now we will begin building the distillers and testing them at a temporary location. Upon satisfactory testing, the equipment will be moved to the permanent locations.”

James Monroe Capital’s CEO Chris McGovern specified that the plant must be flexible and adaptable to alternative energy sources, such as burning biomass waste for distillation heat.

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