Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Announces Grant Recipients For E85 Funding

Grants and new program provide funding for conversion to E85 pumps.

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) announced the selection of 13 retailers of E85 pumps and 1 biodiesel blender as recipients of Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Grants from the Iowa Values Fund for fiscal year 2007.

The three-year program was created with the goal of funding 30 E85 pumps and 4 biodiesel blending facilities. Two years into the program, 28 E85 pumps and 3 biodiesel blending facilities have already been funded.
“More than anything, this program has shown that Iowa retailers want to make ethanol and biodiesel available to the public and the demand for infrastructure grants far exceeds the original program funding.” said Joe Jones with the Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED).

“Even after exhausting the FY2007 in one day, there are still approximately 25 applicants and more coming in that couldn’t be funded,” stated Lucy Norton, IRFA’s Managing Director who oversees the program. “We will continue to collect applications and forward them to IDED for consideration under the new Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Program.”

The new “Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Program” was established this spring by the Iowa Legislature as a respnse to the high demand for funding. It will provide $13 million over the next 3 years on a cost-share basis for the installation or conversion of E85 retail systems and biodiesel (off-site and on-site) distribution facilities.

“The new program will be directed by a renewable fuel infrastructure board that will make all decisions regarding the award of grants under the program,” noted Monte Shaw, IRFA’s Executive Director. Shaw adds, “IRFA will work to ensure the transition for the existing Values Fund program to the new program goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.”

The FY2007 grant recipients were: Cenex-Ampride ALL Around, Fort Dodge ($6,635.79); MFA Oil, Humeston and Corydon ($3,521.45 each); Five Star Coop, New Hampton ($19,160.68); Farmers Coop Elevator, Graettinger ($22,854); Riverside Sinclair, Estherville ($13,160.11); Community Oil Company, Rock Valley ($20,000); New Century FS, Grinnell ($30,000); River Valley Coop, Clarence ($22,954.82); Eastern Iowa Propane & Petro, Clinton ($30,000); J&M Korner Shop, Inc., West Point ($30,000); Marcus Junction, LLC, Marcus ($30,000); Town & Country Store, Dunlap ($19,425); and the biodiesel distributor Grysson Oil Company, Corvalville ($49,749.50).

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