E3 BioFuels Closed-Loop Ethanol Plant To Start Production In December

Nebraska facility will eliminate need for fossil fuels in ethanol production.

E3 BioFuels chairman and CEO, Dennis Langley, announced Monday that operations will commence in Dec. 2006 at its new Mead, Neb., facility featuring the first closed-loop system for distilling commercial quantities of ethanol using methane gas recaptured from cow manure, instead of fossil fuels.

The closed-loop system combines a 25-million-gallon ethanol refinery, beef cattle feedlot, and anaerobic digesters to maximize energy efficiencies that would be unavailable to each component on a stand-alone basis. It eliminates the necessity for fossil fuels in ethanol production.

According to Langley, the plant will make ethanol more than twice as energy-efficient as other methods of producing ethanol or gasoline.

E3 BioFuels is planning to construct 15 more closed-loop plants, near feedlots and dairy farms, in the next five years


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