DuPont Investing $30 Million To Boost Titanium Tetrachloride Capacity

DuPont will supply 100 million pounds of titanium tetrachloride to Allegheny Titanium.

DuPont announced Thursday an agreement to supply up to 100 million pounds of high purity titanium tetrachloride per year to Allegheny Titanium’s new titanium metal plant in Toole County, Utah.

Allegheny Titanium, a subsidiary of Allegheny Technologies, Inc., will produce about 10,000 tons of titanium annually at the facility.

To meet the increased demand, Dupont will invest $30 million to install a new purification unit to make the titanium tetrachloride at its New Johnsonville, Tenn., titanium dioxide plant. Operations are planned to commence in the summer of 2008.

Titanium tetrachloride is an intermediate chemical produced during the early stages of manufacturing titanium dioxide.

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