DOE Provides Energy Efficiency Assistance To U.S. Manufacturers

The Department of Energy launches two new programs to help manufactures become more energy efficient.

The U.S. Department of Energy has distributed Save Energy Now CD-ROMs to 3,500 large industrial plant managers across the nation, part of an initiative to help cut excessive energy use at industrial facilities within the United States. 

The CD provides tip sheets, case studies, technical manuals and software tools to help plants assess energy-saving opportunities.

The DOE is also helping manufacturers by performing no-cost energy assessments of 200 large industrial facilities’ energy systems.

More information on this program can be found at:

Approximately 3,500 plants were contacted based on publicly available data the DOE used to identify the most energy-intensive plants in the United States.

This fall, DOE will be offering another round of Energy Saving Assessments for industrial facilities.

The DOE has also announced the selection of 26 universities across the country for negotiation of award to set up and operate regional Industrial Assessment Centers.

The centers will employ faculty and students to assist small-to-medium sized American manufacturing plants to use energy more efficiently. 

The program is intended to train engineers to better understand the roles of energy efficiency and renewable energies in the manufacturing process.

The program will help the nation’s smaller manufacturers and industrial processors receive comprehensive, energy assessments of their operations, at no cost.

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