Chevron Phillips Chemical 's Ryton Organization Changes Name To Engineering Polymers

Name change will cover Ryton polyphenylene sulfide PPS and Xtel PPS alloys.

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP has announced a name change for the "Ryton" organization. The new name,"Engineering Polymers," reflects the group's growing portfolio. The name change will encompass the products sold under the Ryton polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and Xtel PPS alloys brands.

Ryton, a lightweight alternative to metal, can easily be molded or extruded. Its minimal moisture absorption and low coefficient of linear thermal expansion makes it a cost-effective option when molding complex parts in tight tolerances. Additionally, Ryton PPS provides ease of processibility that enables manufacturers to integrate multiple components into one, reducing time and costs.

Xtel PPS alloys offer similar resistance and stability as Ryton PPS with the added benefit of elasticity. In addition to its flexible traits, Xtel PPS' excellent flow in thin walls translates to low flash characteristics and fast cycle times.

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