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Security Breach: OT's Legacy Tech Challenges

Getting ahead of the vulnerabilities created by new connections to older systems.

One of the more common obstacles that we discuss here on Security Breach is how increased connectivity has combined with new Industry 4.0 technologies to constantly expand the OT attack surface for manufacturers. In the midst of all this expansion, it’s easy to either overlook cybersecurity concerns, or put too much trust in the embedded security features of the new assets. 

So, while this usually brings up conversations about endpoint security, integration processes and secure-by-design protocols, let’s talk about something that our guest for today’s episode knows and understands all too well … time. 

Industry experts value downtime on the plant floor at about $250k/hour. So, just like predictive maintenance has become part of a facility’s new normal, predictive cybersecurity needs to receive the same priority. Here to discuss this concept is Riley Groves, an engineer at Auvesy-MDT, a leading providing of ICS and automation solutions. Watch/listen as we also discuss:

  • The improving convergence of IT and OT on the plant floor.
  • Getting ahead of vulnerabilities.
  • The factors driving greater buy-in from the C-suite on cybersecurity investments.
  • Why cybersecurity is the Special Teams of the industrial enterprise.
  • How legacy systems are providing "function by disfunction" from a security perspective.
  • The better ways to use AI.

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