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Security Breach: Shutting Down 'Spy Board' Threats

Combatting more sophisticated adversaries that don't care about collateral damage.

Those of you with a military or law enforcement connection are probably, and unfortunately, familiar with the term collateral damage. While this phrase has a legacy in these environments, it’s also become an unwelcome addition to the realm of cybersecurity.

Examples of this dynamic can be found in a number of hacktivist attacks that targeted infrastructure in a certain region, but either through unrealized connections or other bad actors simply following the blueprint, impacted facilities across the globe.  

Jason Oberg, the CTO of Cycuity, a leading provider of vulnerability mitigation solutions for semiconductor manufacturers, recently joined us to discuss some of the potential fallout from hacks, and how to prevent or respond to them in minimizing the collateral damage. We also talked about:

  • How hackers are getting smarter in their hacks against chip makers.
  • Why awareness of hacker tactics is not enough, and how manufacturers of all types can enhance their knowledge level pertaining to the growing sophistication of hackers and attacks.
  • Addressing the baked-in compromises of hardware products, and the long-term impacts on all users and industries.
  • Focusing on the inherent vulnerabilities of production processes, not just the associated technology.
  • Balancing the goals of "getting product out the door" with embedding greater levels of security.
  • How greater transparency can help with secure-by-design challenges.

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