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9 Futuristic Materials

They sound like science fiction, but these advances in material sciences are happening today.

They sound like science fiction, but these breakthroughs in material sciences are happening today and could change the way we live in many ways.

This great video made by SciShow takes a quick tour around the material sciences world to showcase some of these exciting advances. Here's a quick rundown of which futuristic discoveries the video features:

Aerogels—One of the world's lightest sold materials

Invisibility Cloaks—Yup, just like the one Harry Potter had.

Superhydrophobic Material—It repels water so well it could be used to protect electronics and medical equipment.

Hyperdiamonds—One of the hardest, most dense materials we know of.

Metallic Glass—It could be used in coatings to make materials more water resistant.

Metallic Foams—A unique and sturdy material that could be used in cars.

Aluminum Oxynitride—An extremely durable glass.

Light Transmitting Concrete—Imagine concrete that glows in dark places.

Self-Healing Concrete—Bacteria helps concrete fix its own cracks!

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