SC Johnson Taking a Closer Look at Safety of Galaxolide

Multinational cleaning products and chemicals producer SC Johnson has agreed to take a closer look at the safety of galaxolide, a synthetic ingredient used in fragrances.

According to a report in Chemical Watch, several NGOs and scientists have voiced concerns that the chemical could be toxic and bioaccumulate in the environment.

SC Johnson previously defended the safety of the chemical, which helps create a musky, wood scent and is used in more than 80 of its products.

But in a letter sent by Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE), 20 scientists reportedly argued that the chemical is found “ubiquitously” throughout the environment.

SC Johnson is now saying that it will review scientific data about galaxolide. It is one of six companies in the U.S. that uses the chemical.

WVE’s director of science and research told Chemical Watch that if SC Johnson discontinued its use of the chemical it could send a message to the five other companies in the country that use it.

According to EPA reporting, the other companies that use galaxolide include Berje Inc., Firmeniche, Symrise and International Flavors and Fragrances.

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