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AI Represents a Tremendous Opportunity for Modern Manufacturing

A NAM official weighs in on President Biden's executive order regarding AI.


National Association of Manufacturers Managing Vice President of Policy Chris Netram released a statement after President Joe Biden signed an executive order designed to guide the development of AI.

“Artificial intelligence represents a tremendous opportunity for modern manufacturing," Netram said. "AI is already helping manufacturers improve safety and training and empower workers to be even more innovative. It is unlocking incredible opportunities for predictive maintenance and product development and manufacturers are continuing to develop further applications for AI.

"Manufacturers look forward to working with the administration following today’s executive order to ensure that any AI standards adopted at the federal level are developed with strong industry participation, support innovation and R&D, remain scaled based on the guardrails necessary for a particular technology or application, protect companies from unnecessary liability and bolster U.S. competitiveness and leadership in AI. Manufacturers also support strong data privacy and cybersecurity protections as well as robust investments in workforce development and prioritizing workforce needs through reforms to our immigration system.”

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