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Fake Cisco Scheme; Toyota's 900-Mile EVs; Advancing U.S. Battery Chain | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 123

Also on the podcast, how Gen Z works with older generations, Bugatti recalls a single car, Boeing unveils new X-plane, fleets start embracing electrics and the world's most remote robot.

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Every week, we cover the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week: 

Boeing Unveils Newest X-Plane - @2:36

On Monday, NASA and Boeing announced the X-66A, a new aircraft produced through NASA's Sustainable Flight Demonstrator project.

Bugatti is Recalling One Car - @14:11

Luxury automaker Bugatti recently recalled a single 2023 Chiron Super Sport because it had the wrong wheels.

Toyota Pursues EV Battery with 900-Mile Range - @24:53

Toyota recently held an event at an R&D hub in Japan that included a number of new announcements. What got everyone's attention was a potential battery that could travel up to 900 miles, more than the distance from New York to Chicago, on a single charge.

Biden-Harris Administration Announces $192M to Advance Battery Recycling Technology - @37:53

The U.S. Department of Energy this week announced more than $192 million in new funding to be used for recycling consumer product batteries and launching an advanced battery (R&D) consortium.

CEO Traffics Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of Fake Cisco Equipment - @49:53

Onur Aksoy is the CEO of dozens of companies, but now he's facing up to 6.5 years in prison after pleading guilty to trafficking counterfeit and fraudulent Cisco networking equipment to customers that included government agencies and the military.

In Case You Missed It

Fleet Vehicles Embrace Electric - @1:04:04

Schneider recently opened a large-scale zero-emission electric charging depot that is more than half the size of a football field. And Blue Bird has transformed a nearly 40,000-square-foot facility to meet demand for electric school buses.

Gen Z in Manufacturing Ep. 2: Interacting with Older Generations - @1:09:21

In the second episode of the Gen Z in Manufacturing podcast, Nolan Beilstein interviews Sevann Bignon, a 23-year-old process improvement specialist at DeAngelo Marine Exhaust in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

World’s Most Remote Robot Automates Amazon Reforestation Project - @1:17:13

ABB Robotics is supporting Junglekeepers in their mission to protect 55,000 acres of Amazon rainforest and reverse deforestation.

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