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Ford Stops Competing; Tesla Robot Improves; 100-Year-Old Factory | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 120

Also on the podcast, world's largest airplane launches hypersonic test vehicle, the $5B man-made moon, Peloton pivots, UPS strike looms and an inventor grows mushroom coffins.

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This week's episode is sponsored by Adobe. Changing customer expectations and increasing cost and competitive pressures are forcing industrial manufacturers to rethink how they engage with buyers to grow revenue, improve profitability and gain operational efficiencies. Jon Burdette from Adobe and David Mantey recently sat down to talk about what industrial manufacturers should consider with their commerce initiatives, and how they should tie into their digital customer experience. Watch it now

The Today in Manufacturing Podcast is brought to you by the editors of and Industrial Equipment News (IEN). In each episode, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

Developer Proposes $5B Man-Made 'Moon' in Dubai - @4:10

Canadian entrepreneur Michael Henderson wants to build a 900-foot replica of the moon on top of a 10-story building in Dubai.

World's Largest Airplane Successfully Releases Hypersonic Test Vehicle - @15:46

Stratolaunch wants to advance high-speed technology through innovative design, manufacturing and operation of world-class aerospace vehicles. The whole idea is to launch payloads from the sky rather than the ground.

100-Year-Old 'Lingotto' Factory Inspires Latest Fiat Design - @25:14

On May 23, 1923, the Lingotto production facility in Turin opened its doors. At the time, it was the largest auto production plant in the world, and its unique shape featured five floors surrounded by windows.

Tesla Bot Can Walk, Navigate and Pick Up Items - @35:00

Tesla recently unveiled new footage of the company's humanoid Tesla Bots, and it went much better than the reveal at Tesla's AI Day in September of 2022.

Ford Says It Will Stop Competing in Over-Served Markets - @46:23

The days of Ford being all things to all people are over.

In Case You Missed It

Peloton Undergoes Significant Rebrand - @1:02:25

The high-end exercise bike maker says it's now a health company for all.

UPS Strike Looms - @1:08:06

Contentious labor negotiations now underway at UPS could be vastly more disruptive than the last time it happened.

Dutch Inventor 'Growing' Mushroom Coffins - @1:14:27

While it's true that we all just become worm food in the end, the current state of body disposal often makes it difficult for the worms to ever find us.

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