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ExoQuad Combines Motorcycle and Mech Suit

"Operating an ExoQuad will feel like flying without leaving the ground.”

Jonathan Tippett, the CEO and founder of Exosapien Technologies, announced at Dassault Systèmes’ 2023 3DEXPERIENCE World & Forum that his company was working to develop a new machine called the VX1 ExoQuad.

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The ExoQuad is described as a cross between a motorcycle, a mech suit and a quad. Tippett said users would ride it as a sports bike but would be able to use their hands and feet to independently control the ride height of the machine’s four wheels. Additionally, Exosapien’s motion control technology amplifies the pilot's movements and provides real-time force and positional feedback.

When I met with Tippett at 3DEXPERIENCE in February to discuss Exosapien’s Prosthesis, an electric and human-controlled quadruped exoskeleton that weighs about 8,800 pounds, he mentioned that the ExoQuad’s warm reception, including interest from investors and partners, was changing the company’s plans. 

In a recent conversation, Tippett elaborated and told me that Exosapien’s focus had pivoted from developing the next generation of Prosthesis to creating the first generation of the ExoQuad. 

Exosapien estimates that the research and development of the first ExoQuad prototype will cost about $1 million. However, Tippett said the final cost would depend entirely on volumes but offered a range of $250,000 to $350,000 if the company can hit large volumes. 

The ExoQuad is still in the engineering process, but Exosapien hopes to begin building in early 2024. Exosapien is also working closely with Speed Vegas, a car racing track in Nevada that offers multiple driving experiences. Tippett said Exosapein hopes to bring the ExoQuad there in late 2024 so people can test it for themselves. 

Like Prosthesis, Tippett envisions ExoQuad being a part of a sports league with competing machines.

He said, “A pro motocross rider will have one of these things dancing and flying after just a few days in the saddle. Operating an ExoQuad will feel like flying without leaving the ground.”

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