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The Top 10 Supply Chain Disruptions

It’s still a hot topic.

Resilinc, a leading provider of supply chain mapping and risk monitoring solutions, recently shared data from their EventWatchAI monitoring database.

It highlighted the top 10 supply chain disruptions of 2022, which were up 32 percent from 2021.

Leading the list is factory fires. The record-setting 3,609 fire alerts were up 85 percent year-over-year.

Mergers and acquisitions was second, followed by businesses being sold. Leadership transition was next, with a 77 percent YoY increase.

Factory disruptions came in at number five, and labor disputes, which saw a 92 percent YoY increase, followed in sixth.

Rounding out the Top 10 were legal actions, cyber attacks, recalls and port disruptions.

Although it was outside the list of leading culprits, geopolitical disruptions saw a 378 percent increase, primarily due to the Russia/Ukraine war.

Additionally, airport disruptions jumped 189 percent, and bankruptcies were up 270 percent YoY.

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