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Italian Designers Propose City on Giant Floating Turtle

The terayacht is projected to take $8 billion and eight years to build.

Lazzarini Design Studio released the concept for a floating city in the form of a terayacht shaped like a giant turtle.

The terayacht is named Pangeos and is projected to take $8 billion and eight years to build. 

According to the project’s site, the city measures 1,800 feet by 2,000 feet at its longest and widest points. 

The city would feature hotels, parks, ports, shopping centers, apartments, and houses. 

Pangeos would be equipped with nine HTS motors, draw energy from onboard sources and stay afloat via 30,000 “hull cells.” 

Designers have not picked a “terashipyard” for construction but suggested Saudi Arabia as a location. 

The proposed construction process would involve dredging one square kilometer of the Red Sea by building a circular dam. 

Lazzarini hopes to begin construction in 2033.

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