Security Breach: "Everyone's Got a Plan, Until They Get Punched in the Face"

Darknet Diaries host offers perspective on lifting the veil of secrecy surrounding cyberattacks.

Ironically enough, one of the biggest challenges surrounding cyber defense in the industrial sector is a lack of data – data about the attacks, the attackers, their tactics and how they were able to successfully orchestrate the onslaught of ransomware, phishing and malware schemes that are costing manufacturers millions of dollars and priceless amounts of downtime. 

Working to overcome the lack of transparency is the focus of today’s guest.  

Jack Rhysider is the host and founder of the Darknet Diaries podcast, where he takes listeners on a journey through the world of hacking, data breaches, and cybercrimes. He’s talked to hackers, phishing scheme experts, NSA agents, penetration testers and just about any other player you can imagine. 

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