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Security Breach: Embracing the Devil Inside

Simple tactics for winning the battle against opportunistic hackers and their increasingly sophisticated attacks.

One of the mantras that I’ve clung to from my childhood is drawn from one of my favorite toys – GI Joe. Duke, Snake Eyes and the rest of the Joes always reinforced that “Knowing is half the battle.”

If that’s truly the case, then the industrial sector still has a ways to go in fulling combatting the impact of cyber attacks and shoring up their cyber security strategies.

Insurance provider Travelers has unveiled their most recent Risk Index Survey, with cybersecurity ranking as the single biggest business concern. Additional findings included that:

  • 1 out of 4 surveyed have been victims of cyberattacks, with half of those attacks occurring within the last year.
  • 71 percent were repeat victims.
  • 57 percent think an attack is inevitable – with their biggest fears, in order, being a security breach, system glitch or ransomware attack.
  • And finally, 80 percent of business leaders reported difficulty in keeping up with the evolving cyber landscape. So, if knowing is indeed, half the battle, most are defending from a compromised and disadvantaged position.

Joining us to discuss these ongoing concerns is Kirstin Simonson, Technology Lead at Travelers.

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