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BakerBot Can Bang Out 12,000 Bagels an Hour

The owner used GM experience to automate the bagel-making process.

BakerBot, an assembly line robot built by Boichik Bagels owner Emily Winston, packs some serious bagel-making capacity.

BakerBot starts with 100 pounds of dough that gets portioned and rolled. Then they’re laid out for baking before a robot arm moves them to a rack.

But Boichik still has humans handling the baking process, maintaining a “medium artisanal-grade bagel setup.”

According to Eater San Francisco, the machine has a maximum speed of 12,000 bagels per hour.

However, Winston said that speed would be “way faster than anyone could catch them.”

Before she began baking, Winston earned a mechanical engineering degree from Cornell and worked at General Motors.

She put that experience to use in automating the bagel-making process at Boichik, which had become labor intensive.

Winston said she had begun to develop carpal tunnel syndrome from rolling out all the bagel dough by hand.

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