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Lubrication Engineers: Easy Bar

When it comes to safe, effective lubrication for the inside tire bore of rotary kilns and dryers, Easy Bar has been the standard since 1995. Going a step further, Lubrication Engineers now offers Easy Bar with Almasol, featuring the additional wear-reducing benefits of LE’s proprietary additive, Almasol.

When this solid bar is placed between the tire bore and shell, exposure to heat melts the polymer binder, releasing a patented blend of mineral and metal lubricants. The bar’s composition ensures complete evaporation of the binder, with no sticky residue left behind. 

The binder melts at 120-degrees Fahrenheit, using the rolling action of the kiln to spread the lubricant over the moving parts where it halts steel-on-steel contact, protects wear pads, maintains creep, and prevents refractory damage.

The bar also prevents dangerous flame-ups due to its very high ignition point of 1,000-degrees Fahrenheit.

Bar usage is recommended on a weekly basis – a process that takes less time than traditional kiln lubrication methods.

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