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Latest Tools of Choice for Hackers: Raspberry Robin and BlackCat

Although they sound more like an ice cream flavor and type of firework, they're anything but a summer treat for IT security.

What else can we say as it relates to the industrial sector and the cybersecurity threats that continue to present themselves, other than – the battle wages on.

The value of the sector’s IP, the plethora of personal information and the vital need to maintain uptime makes manufacturing a favorite target of hackers. And as those in the financial and healthcare markets know all too well, recognition of the threat only seems to spur the creation of new and better weapons focused on wreaking havoc. 

So, joining us today to discuss some of the latest threats to hit the industrial sector is Lauren Podber – she’s a Principal Intelligence Analyst at Red Canary, firm that specializes in managing cybersecurity endpoint detection, planning and response. They were also among the first to assess the first threat we’re going to discuss – Raspberry Robin.

 For more information on the work Red Canary does, you can go to

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