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Emirates’ Order of Boeing Jets Delayed At Least a Year

Just a month ago, it looked as if deliveries would resume this year.

Emirates revealed Boeing delayed the airline’s order of 787 Dreamliners by at least one year.

Reuters reports the delay pushes back the aircraft’s delivery to 2024, but it could take longer. 

Emirates ordered 30 jets three years ago as a part of a deal that cut the number of orders for 777X aircraft, which have been delayed to 2025.

Delays can be attributed to Boeing’s delivery suspension over structural flaws. 

A Boeing spokesperson said the planemaker is completing inspections across 787 production and within the supply chain.

A month ago, sources told Reuters that Boeing intended to resume 787 deliveries in the second half of 2022. 

According to an industry source, contracts typically include a clause that allows airlines to cancel orders for single aircraft if delivery is delayed by more than a year.

It is not clear if the Emirates contracts featured the clause.

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