How to Remotely Manage Multiple Entrances & Facilities with a Single Employee

Workspaces are evolving.

Workspaces are evolving. Some companies are never going back to the office and many companies are transitioning to hybrid schedules in which employees work from home two-to-three days a week. 

Jeremy Brazeal, creative director of Reality Interactive, recently joined us for an episode of 5 Minutes with to discuss new trends in managing workspaces. According to Brazeal, some employees want to remain remote and are willing to find new jobs if/when their company’s reopen the office.

Reality Interactive creates tools that help companies manage any type of workforce. The company’s AXSIS System started out as a thermal scanner, but has evolved into a software platform that helps manage flexible workspaces. According to Brazeal, the digital hub is used for everything from door entry and temperature readings to booking rooms and office spaces. AXSIS can also help manage visitors, including pre-screening, contract tracing and vaccine card scanning. 

Managing new workspaces has become more sophisticated. Some workers need to be in the facility everyday, some will have flexible schedules and it presents a complex scenario to manage, particularly if you are a manager on a flexible/hybrid schedule overseeing a workforce on the floor everyday.

In the video, Brazeal also provides a demonstration of the AXSIS Video Chat Concierge that allows one person to remotely manage multiple entrances and facilities while juggling a combination of responsibilities and schedules.

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