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Amazon Sellers Beg Customers to Remove Negative Reviews

What they're doing violates Amazon's rules.

Amazon sellers have resorted to pleading with dissatisfied customers. 

According to Business Insider and reported by the Wall Street Journal, some sellers for Amazon are offering refunds and requesting customers delete or revise negative reviews. 

In some instances, the sellers offer refunds or gift cards which are worth more than the original purchase. 

A customer said one week after negatively reviewing a product, she was contacted via email by a person claiming to be associated with the brand. 

The email included a full refund offer, a request to remove the review and said the company would continue to contact the customer if she failed to reply. 

Amazon does not allow sellers to contact customers outside its official channel. 

A former Amazon employee claims sellers utilize third-party tools to match shipping information with email addresses which is a violation of Amazon’s rules.

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