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Accident Changes Ride Industry, Factories in Space, Robot Fire | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 25

Also on the podcast, strike at Frito-Lay, new top taco job, Amazon wants a house key, water thieves and Crocs sue over blatant knockoffs.

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The Today in Manufacturing Podcast is a new podcast brought to you by the editors from and Industrial Equipment News (IEN).

In each episode, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week, we talk about:

Bezos Wants to Move Heavy Industry to Space

Current richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, spent about 11 minutes in space on Tuesday. Now, he has a new proposition, he wants to take all heavy industry and move it into space.

Workers Strike at Frito-Lay Plant

Members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Local 218 went on strike at the Frito-Lay plant in Topeka, Kansas over unreasonable working conditions.

3-Robot Pile-Up Leads to Warehouse Fire

Ocado Technology is a division of UK-based Ocado, a developer of software, robotics and automation. Last week, some of the company’s robots in a London warehouse got their signals crossed, and caused a three-bot pileup. 

McCormick Seeks 'Director of Taco Relations'

Spice maker McCormick recently announced a new job at the company: Director of Taco Relations. The short term position will pay $25,000 a month for four months, for what mostly amounts to remote work of about 20 hours per week.

Beefed Up Inspections After Horrific Fair Ride Accident

In 2017, an accident on a carnival ride at the Ohio State Fair killed 18-year-old Tyler Jarrell and left four others with life-changing injuries. A corroded steel arm snapped on the Fire Ball ride and the passengers were thrown from it. The incident caused the state to tighten amusement ride oversight. 

In Case You Missed It

Amazon Wants a 'Key' to Your Place

Amazon wants landlords to give its drivers the ability to open apartment-building doors with an app. 

Stolen Water Sustains Illegal Marijuana Crops

Water supplies are an increasingly appealing target for thieves in California. A new report suggests that most of the water stolen in the state is destined for a single market: illegal marijuana growing operations.

Crocs Sues Over Blatant Knockoffs 

Crocs sued multiple retailers, like Walmart and Hobby Lobby for infringing upon the company's trademark.

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