FDA: 9 Sanitizer Brands May Be Toxic

One of the products was found to contain 81% methanol.


Hand sanitizer has been in such high demand throughout the pandemic that shortages have led to price gouging.

Spurious businesses are also cashing in on the current boom by producing sanitizer that doesn’t adhere to standard ingredients.

Last week the FDA warned that a Mexico-based manufacturer called Eskbiochem SA de CV was distributing sanitizer in the U.S. that may contain toxic ingredients.

Methanol, or wood alcohol, is considered potentially dangerous when absorbed through the skin.

Recent tests found methanol levels of 81 percent in one of the supplier’s products, and 28 percent in another.

Overall, there are nine products that the FDA says should be discarded as toxic waste products.

The FDA contacted Eskbiochem and asked them to remove the products from distribution in the United States, though the company has yet to do so.

Editor’s Note: For a list of the products the FDA identified in its warning, click here.

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